Konkanbhoomi! Sanctified by Lord Shri Parashuram's footsteps! Having long and rich heritage of history and culture, blessed with natural beauty, inhabited by humble people. Enriched and sanctified by the work of many luminaries like Bharatratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Bharatratna Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, Bharatratna P. V. Kane, Lokmanya Tilak, Sane Guruji, this holy land has made a great contribution in shaping the world and the next generations! The holy work of Vidyadan started by Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve has taken root in this land. RamRaje College, Dapoli is doing the sacred work of carrying forward this legacy. RamRaje College is a combination of modern facilities and quality teaching methods and has a profound approach in keeping with the times.
With excellent faculty, updated infrastructure, state of the art facilities, this reputed and dedicated educational institution is producing ambitious students with knowledge, thinking and leadership qualities. A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical ingenuity is enabling them to conquer the world. This movement of RamRaje College to create the next generation is going on and will continue relentlessly.

History of RamRaje
19 Years of Academic Excellences

Shree RamRaje College, Dapoli was established in 2004 with distinctive vision, to provide quality and professional education to students from rural areas. The campus is situated at Dapoli, which is called Mini Mahabaleshwar of Konkan.
It has right ambience for learning, have clearly proven that such surrounding stimulates the brain and grooms talent. The campus has independent specious buildings along with all other resources and facilities.
Thousands of student have been benefited by our college till, the date, Students from all over Maharashtra have joined for quality education. The College is committed to provide training, placements and job assistance too. More over, the college focus on practical’s, lectures, soft skills training, interview preparations, industrial visits, social connectivity so on and so forth. We are sure that the college will keep on achieving newer heights in future with the active support and cooperation of all the concerned.

Source of inspiration:
Late Chintamani Sahastrabuddhe

The human race has been blessed with a strange divine quality of dreaming. Once a man sees a dream, it starts to take root in his mind and all his energies start moving towards the fulfillment of that dream and concentrate on one point. Mr. Sandeep Rajpure saw such a dream in the bright sunshine and all his thoughts and actions started striving towards the fulfillment of that dream. Immediately, he appeared before his revered Principal and Mentor, Late Chintamani Sahastrabuddhe Sir at his residence. With overflowing enthusiasm, Sandeep presented his idea to Sahastrabuddhe Sir. Principal Sahastrabuddhe sir, who had a long experience in educational field, multiplied his enthusiasm and gave an encouraging blessing for further progress. The Guru-disciple pair started messing up everything. To make the dreams of SandeepRajpure a reality, all the matters of establishing the institution, giving it a suitable name, carefully selecting the members, determining the milestones of progress, suggesting the name of the college, and preparing for the financial aspect came into flow.
But it must have been the Almighty’s wish to complete Mr. Sandeep’s work. Because in the maiden meeting itself, the name of the organization, its constitution, the initial members, all these things came down on paper. Sahastrabuddhe Sir suggested the name of the college in one fell swoop. Mr. Sandeep's father's name is Ramchandra Mahadev Rajpure. The name 'Ramaraje' College was formed by taking some of those letters. Sahastrabuddhe Sir was very particular in Marathi language and writing! Therefore, which letters in the name of the College should be big, which should be small, were decided in one meeting. This name was liked by both of them. In the beginning, a very small education programme was planned. But while Sandeep was touching the feet of Sahastrabuddhe Sir he blessed him saying, 'This college is going to be much bigger than you think’. Through the hard work of the disciple and the blessings of the Guru, the beautiful sculpture named Ramraje College is shining with pride in Dapoli.